My response to hate: Unfailing love


I think it’s an understatement to say the world is a pretty depressing place right now.

Each day, we’re besieged with news of terrible occurrences seeping with so much hate, pain and death. It’s hard to keep from being weighed down by it all (and I know I have barely the slightest of an inkling of an idea of what some people experience in their day-to-day lives).

Not to get all hippy-dippy on you, but it makes me realize the importance of love. Not just an exclusive love for certain people that we’ve grown to like and accept. Not just a love for people similar to us. Not just a fleeting love for Klondike Bars and Cheetos.

Unfailing love.

For every person.

And let me say I know there is nobody on earth that can have completely unfailing love.

Let me also say I know there is a God that is unfailing love.

Before anybody scoffs at me and exits this tab, please, just read on.

Jesus loves every single person no matter what. It doesn’t matter what family we’ve been born into, what country we originate from, what we look like, what we’ve done in the past or whether we like Star Wars or not.

Jesus still loves us.

But He didn’t just love us from afar. He wanted us to personally experience that unfailing love. So, He made a way for that to happen.

Jesus entered this world only to face the hate, shame, discrimination, rejection and pain of a world that wanted Him dead — the same hate and discrimination that so many people still face today. And you know what? The world got its way and killed Him. It seemed that hate and death would win.

Jesus didn’t stay in that tomb, though. He rose again to live. By living, He defeated death, hate, shame and pain. In their stead, He offered unfailing love and abundant life to each one of us. And, in turn, He gave us hope.

But we can’t just take those gifts of unfailing love and hope and hoard them selfishly for ourselves. We need to extend those gifts to everyone else.

In a world that’s so enveloped in anger and pain, how much of an impact can one welcoming, encouraging and loving act be?

In a world so entrenched in darkness, how much more can one light shine and welcome the people around it?

Even when the world does its best to make us think hate is pulling ahead, let me remind you of something:

Love already won.

And it’s unfailing love.


Note: My inspiration for this post was from Psalm 69:13

Star Wars, a novel idea and anagrams

I’m pretty excited, people. Not just because Christmas is coming, or because the new Star Wars movie releases in a matter of weeks (although that is, of course, extremely exciting… there are so many theories about who Rey is related to, and some think Jyn from Rogue One could be her mom… hmmm… maybe we’ll find out… sorry, geekiness over… for now).

Back to the original reason for my excitement. I have an idea for a novel that I actually really love. I mean, I’ve dabbled in various plot ideas before, yet have never really committed to one particular story. But now? I’ve been consistently writing, researching and pondering about my plot and the characters. I want to know more about the characters I’m meeting, where they’re going and what they’re doing… but I’m the one who’s creating them. The suspense is killing me. (Does that make me the orchestrator of my own demise?)

Interestingly enough, the idea stemmed from my actual job. I cover a specific area of technology, constantly reading, writing, editing and researching technological content. I find it interesting… and apparently so did my subconscious. One day, my protagonist just showed up, running for her life. Let me tell you, that was intriguing.

I have more plot than that, don’t worry. But I don’t really want to reveal too much yet. Partly because I still don’t know where exactly the story is going, and partly because I would be way too intimidated. But I’m excited about it. Things keep popping up, and I think, “Wow, that would work so well with the plot.” Or, “So that’s how this could happen.” 

Also, the plot sometimes takes a turn into the world of SciFi. I’ve never envisioned myself writing SciFi. I don’t have anything against it — you need only look at the first paragraph of this post to recognize that. But I never thought it would emerge in my writing. And while what I have so far is not full-fledged SciFi or anything, it does have a sprinkling of it.

But that’s all I’m saying about it at this point. Maybe I’ll eventually post snippets of it here… we’ll see. But for now, I’ll give you another tidbit of my writing. I was reading poetry by Anne Bradstreet yesterday, in which she created some anagrams — where you rearrange letters in words to create different words. This is what her work inspired:

 Finer hens jingle.

I know, I know. Riveting. I bet you can’t wait for a story about fine hens jingling, right?